Lismore’s Hogmanay, Hooley Disco & Hootananny

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New Year’s Eve 2018 & New Year’s Day 2019 in Lismore. From 2pm until 6pm

Celebrate all things Scottish during ‘Hogmanay’ come dressed in Kilt or Highland dancing gear and groove to Scottish hits and well known tunes. Let there be ‘Haggis” and in traditional style with Scottish piper.  Be drawn into the delicious aromas from the ‘Taste of Tartan’ and sample tasty Scottish catering and Celtic treats A fun filled afternoon with a program of events.

From 7pm, Hooley Disco! Brings in the evening with a ‘Summer of Love’ and lights up the evening for a night of great music, merriment  and fun with ‘Auld Lang Syne’ performed live.

Rolling into the wee hours and concludes at 2am.

New Year’s Day and we’re back with a “Hootananny’ on January 01st, 2019. Come join in on the Kilt Dash, the Haggis Hurl, or wonder through Sideshow Alley, stay and enjoy the music and dancing, take a tour of Scottish treats and tasty dishes at the ‘Taste of Tartan.’

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Lismore NYE Hogmanay & Hooley Disco! 2018 and NYD Hootananny 2019!

Hogmanay in Scotland stands out first and foremost as the Eve of Scotland’s greatest feast.

Although customs vary from location to location in Scotland., the tradition of Hogmanay remains unaltered – the exchanging of gifts on 31st December to bring in a happy and prosperous new year.

The origins of the word Hogmanay is very much disputed, but it is possible that it is derived from the French alliances – circa 1560. In 1604 the word Hogmanay was very much evidence.

Another plausible explanation comes from the French language which supplied many Lowland Scottish words.

“Hoog” – High or Great.
“Min” – Love or Affection.
“Dag” – A day.

Thus we have “Hoogmindag” – Hogmanay – Day of Great Love.

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